Easy Home Made Almond Milk



More and more people are looking for alternatives to cows milk. Almond milk it a great alternative, it’s both high in calcium and protein and low in fat. However the Almond milk found in the stores are full of crap, flavors, preservatives vegetable gums, and salt, (and this is the “better one”) stuff that just does not need to be in it, nor do we need to be consuming it.  But I have some good news Almond milk is so easy to make. Recently I have added it to my daily flow, without missing a beat.


Makes 1 litre

Soak 1 cup of almonds in filtered water overnight

In the morning, throw out old  water and rinse well

Place the nuts in a blender and add 500ml of filtered water, process well

Strain through a very fine mesh, muslin, nut bag or clean chux

Add enough water to make 1 litre

The contents will separate just shake well before using


Note: for a sweeter flavor add 1-2 medjool dates and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract to the blender

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