Day 13 Plastic Free July – Shopping day


Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

I was dreading today – grocery shopping day, and more than usual ;). Now in a way I was lucky, I’ve already stocked up on the dry goods at the bulk food store, and my vegies are being delivered tomorrow, so the list is minimal. I just wasn’t sure how I would go.

It needs to be noted that we are a one income family with 3 kids under 9 living in Sydney. Cost is always a factor. I would normally shop at Aldi, but I know their products well and most items come in plastic. So I popped into my local grocery store with my list in hand to see what we could manage.

Milk, Bread, Butter, toilet paper, rice, honey, sugar,chocolate, olive oil.

Now I could have purchased the Olive oil and rice at the bulk store, but I don’t like the flavour of their olive oil and the organic rice was just a smiggin ($8/kg) too expensive for my budget.

I was bitterly disappointed and pleasantly surprised in my shopping experience.

Milk, I was so sure that I would be able to purchase full cream milk in cartons, nope nup not a carton in sight! how very disappointing.

Bread, now I knew that bread was going to be a difficult one, and if I’m going to get it from the supermarket then its going to come in plastic… and yep only plastic wrapped bread is available. Luckily Hubby has taken to baking a loaf every night and the kids just love it. So I only had to buy 1 loaf to store in the freezer as backup.

Butter, well butter met my expectation, after all I buy this stuff every week and well it comes wrapped in paper, just the way I like it 🙂

Toilet paper. Well wasn’t I pleasantly surprised, my local supermarket had 2, yes 2 brands that came packaged in paper, well I bought both, just so I could decide which is the brand we prefer, how nice to have choice!

Rice, well what another disappointment. I could have bought it at the bulk food store earlier in the week, but I couldn’t justify the organic cost, and well sometimes something just has to give. On the supermarket shelf there were so many sizes and varieties to choose from, but every single one was packaged in plastic. Even the huge 10kg packets! fortunately for me the Basmati rice I was after was the only one in a lovely cloth bag that I could easily reuse.

Honey, well again not as easy as I had thought, many of the jars of honey are now plastic, and its a little tricky to tell the difference, make sure to give them a squeeze. I did manage to find one brand in glass.

Sugar, since I buy raw sugar, I wasn’t so sure that i would find this in paper, but there it was it all it’s glory just waiting for me to buy it 🙂

Chocolate… now I never touch the stuff, 😉  I’m not sure how it even got on the list?? 😉  Most of the organic up market brands come cardboard and foil. All the other major brands come in plastic and cost becomes an issue again. If I remember not to long ago all the major brands were in paper, I wonder why the big change?. 😞

Olive oil, well again I knew that this would be an easy win, my bulk store sells olive oil, but I do prefer the taste of the one in the supermarket, so I have opted for that one, in glass in the largest bottle I could get, maybe next time I’ll see if they sell my brand and flavour in the large 4l tins.

So out of the 9 items on my list, 3 items were packaged in plastic, pity it is the items that we consume the most of. But over all I felt pretty happy leaving the store with only a few purchases in plastic.

Next week we are back to school, I don’t think that my shopping list will be quite so small.

Plastic Free July | Day 3


So the coffee break didn’t quite go as planned. I remembered to ask for no lid and straw, but got a straw anyway. 😞 I’ll keep it and reuse it. I didn’t even think to ask for it in the original cup.

However today’s grocery purchases went as planned. Yay! A trip to my local naked foods on the first Monday of the month not only means do I get to shop with out consuming any plastic but I get to save 20% as well! Win win!

Plastic Free July | Day 2


I’m loving how Plastic Free July is making the whole family conscious of how we use plastics and what alternatives there might be. Sam (Mr 6) has a fundraiser at school where he is collecting 5c pieces. He went to grab a plastic bag to take them to school,😵 a quick reminder that’s it’s plastic free July and Sam grabbed a glass jar instead. 🙌 So easy once you change your thinking. 😁

Plastic Free July | Day 1


Plastic free July didn’t get started exactly how I anticipated. Along with our ongoing renovations, I took to tidying up the kids toy box. So a whole lot of plastic got thrown out. 😞. Along with a few items sold, and a lot given away. Interestingly it was the wooden toys that stood the test of time and the most sort after on the 2nd hand market.

After the toy box tidy up, I took a look at our bin situation and as mentioned in earlier posts we have a 4 bin system; recycling, compost, chicken scraps, and rubbish. This system had been working well, but could do with a bit of tweaking. For starters the rubbish bin is far too large and accessable. Which meant eager little hand sometimes put the wrong things in the rubbish because it was the easiest bin to get to.

So the two large bins in the rubbish drawer have BOTH become recycling bins, (not ideal but will do for now), I still have the compost and chicken scrap bins, which are old ice cream containers. And now i have added a small waste bin that was in the bathroom and placed it under the sink, that will be our rubbish bin. A little less accessable making us all think for a second before throwing things into landfill.

Finally to make the new process stick, a quick family meeting. Describing the what when where and why we are making these changes. It’s only day one, but it’s been working well so far. 👊