Plastic Free July | Day 1


Plastic free July didn’t get started exactly how I anticipated. Along with our ongoing renovations, I took to tidying up the kids toy box. So a whole lot of plastic got thrown out. 😞. Along with a few items sold, and a lot given away. Interestingly it was the wooden toys that stood the test of time and the most sort after on the 2nd hand market.

After the toy box tidy up, I took a look at our bin situation and as mentioned in earlier posts we have a 4 bin system; recycling, compost, chicken scraps, and rubbish. This system had been working well, but could do with a bit of tweaking. For starters the rubbish bin is far too large and accessable. Which meant eager little hand sometimes put the wrong things in the rubbish because it was the easiest bin to get to.

So the two large bins in the rubbish drawer have BOTH become recycling bins, (not ideal but will do for now), I still have the compost and chicken scrap bins, which are old ice cream containers. And now i have added a small waste bin that was in the bathroom and placed it under the sink, that will be our rubbish bin. A little less accessable making us all think for a second before throwing things into landfill.

Finally to make the new process stick, a quick family meeting. Describing the what when where and why we are making these changes. It’s only day one, but it’s been working well so far. 👊

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