Whats Small Changes about? Well I have theory, make changes in your life, make them small and make them achievable and do them over and over and they will stick. Simple right?

Why the blog? Well I’m on a journey, It’s taken while for me to find my place in life.. But I think that I am here.. And if not, well, it’s just another journey, right?? I’m a mum of three, recently diagnosed with hashimotos an autoimmune disease, I only mention that because it was the catalyst that got me on this path.. This path that I have been weaving and crossing for a long time. I have had an interest in sustainability and wellness for a long time and more recently specifically health due to my own health issues (and the fact that I was able to turn it around despite what the Dr’s told me)… And well now I have a platform to bring those 3 areas of interest together.

So how did I get here? Do you believe in signs? I hindsight I do, but I almost have to be slapped up the head to realise that the universe is talking to me… About 12 months ago I was deeply engrossed in the project of a major house renovation. I wanted to make the house as passive (sustainable) as we could afford. I was chatting with my massage therapist about it at the time, and in all her wisdom and insightfulness she suggested I write about it. Obviously I found it intriguing but never followed though. Some time after that conversation I fell quite ill and conventional medicine wasn’t helping.  I made some lifestyle changes, enrolled in regular yoga classes and started seeing a naturopath, she helped me immensely and really tweaked a few things in my diet. (I thought I had a fairly good diet, let me just say there are always people better and worse than you) from there I was inspired to learn more about nutrition, because such subtle changes made such a big difference, so I enrolled myself into a nutrition course, and as they say the rest is history! 🙂

So this blog is about a mum of three, trying to live a sustainable, healthy life, in the middle of suburbia, this is my journey. I hope you join me along the way.