Bone Broth


So my philosophy is make small changes and soon enough you will look back and realise how much how much you have changed your life. Some changes are small, and you may  not even really notice them, adding a new recipe, that the whole family loves, becomes a staple, no biggie, other changes may push your boundaries a little.
My boundaries got pushed a little today, for some time I have been make chicken bone broth, but it was time to make beef bone broth. I’m a meat eater, but I guess like most,  around certain cuts of meat I can get a little squeamish, so when I  couldn’t see any bones in the window at the butchers, I asked…. the butcher held up a thigh bone from a cow, it must have been a meter long, think something Fred Flintstone would hoe into…. This shit just got real… Once I was able to contain the urge to run from the butcher screaming…. I kindly asked if it could be cut into 4 pieces and was pleasantly surprised with the $2.5 price tag, add that to the vegetable scraps and I have one frugal super food bubbling away one my kitchen bench.


A bunch of beef bones

veggie scraps, carrots, celery tops, capsicum hearts, onion ends and skins etc

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

filtered water


Place all ingredients in the slow cooker, cover with filtered water.

Place on low and allow to cook for 12-24 hrs. Strain and allow to cool before placing it in the fridge for up to 5 days or can be frozen.